Cutting shapes from photos

I posted a follow-up video to show how you can use the Centerpoint function of your Cricut to cut circles or other shapes from photos.

The main thing to remember is that your shape will be cut based from the center of the photo. If you want a 3″ circle, your center should be half the distance of the size of the shape. In other words, from the center, the shape will be cut 1.5″ all around for a total diameter of 3″.

Three of the cartridges you can use to cut circles are George and Basic Shapes, Plantin Schoolbook and Don Juan.


4 thoughts on “Cutting shapes from photos

  1. Thank for the great videos. These really help. I just received the Expression for Christmas. I was wondering if you can do the same kind of thing but cut a letter using a photo? How wouls I figure out that the face would be showing? Thanks so much.

  2. You can do that, but it would have to be trial and error. The way to do that would be to use a piece of scratch paper cut to the size of your photo. Then cut what you want and where you want it. Once done, place the paper over your photo to see what shows through the cut area. Just make sure that you place your photo in exactly the same place as you had placed your paper — just choose the location when you first place the paper.

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