French Manor cartridge giveaway

I am giving away the coveted French Manor cartridge. This cartridge is not available for sale on, is currently selling for over $70 on eBay, was exclusive to Cricut Circle members and is now part of the Teal Expression 2 bundle sold at Michaels.

french manor

To be included in the draw, you need to do four things:

1. Like my ScrappyDIVA page at

2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at

3. Follow my Ustream channel at

4. Comment on this post.

I will tell you why I want all these subscribers and followers.

Recently, I became a YouTube partner and whenever someone watches my videos, YouTube pays me. You don’t pay me anything — it is the revenue generated from YouTube advertising that is used to pay me. The more subscribers I have, the more people who are likely to watch my videos. The more people I have liking my page on Facebook, the more likely it is that Facebook will display my page to potential new likers.

I will use to choose a winner on Friday, February 15 and I will announce the winner during my Ustream Cricut Workshop on Friday night. The time and details for the Workshop will be provided on my ScrappyDIVA page and I will create an event so that you can import the date and time into your calendars (Outlook or iCal).

Good luck everybody!!!!

P.S. Only one comment per person please πŸ™‚ (I have deleted the duplicates)


31 thoughts on “French Manor cartridge giveaway

  1. Thanks Karen for a great giveaway! And a huge thanks for your youtube channel, some of the things (center point) on my cricut you were able to clear up for me and explain them very well. Thanks again!

  2. I would love to win this & add it to my collection. Besides Friday(15) is my BD & would be a great BD present.

  3. Just checking to see if this would post! let me say that again, I WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!! lol (thanks for the chance:))

  4. Ok…this is the 4th thing I have left to do :). BUT when I subscribed to your YouTube Channel I was already logged in with a different email than I normally use. My normal addy is Yahoo addy…but the one I use for YouTube is a Gmail account. I tried to create a YouTube account with my Yahoo account, but it keeps redirecting me to gmail. SO, I promise you, I did ALL 4 STEPS!!!

  5. I believe I have followed all the steps for the giveaway. I am now a member of Ustream which I didn’t even know existed. I would love a new cartridge to add to my collection beings I am fairly new to this cricut stuff.

  6. I don’t know that I’ve every visited UStream but I’m following now. Anxious to learn how to use my Expression and Mini compentenly – ha! Learning is good!
    Melinda Strange

  7. Thanks for the invite! I’m so excited and looking forward to learning more crafting tips & tricks. Much success to you!

  8. thanks Karin! I’m really looking forward to these classes. Like you, I did not stat out creative but am trying to stretch the envelope here. I’ve never heard of UStream so I’m eager to try it and see how it’s different from YouTube.

    I went to Paris in 2011 and will be scrapping those pics this summer. This cartridge would really come in handy. {wink}

  9. ty for the chance to enter the giveaway. I am looking forward to watching all ur videos u have posted. thx for the info and good luck with the you tube partner venture.

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