T-Shirts using vinyl on the Yudu

Hi all! Michele Green here from www.michelegreen.com. Today I am sharing with you my recent experience with the Yudu machine. My husband has a family member who is starting a business of being a hunting guide. As a surprise, my husband wanted to give him some t-shirts.

I will tell you that we were mightily intimidated by this machine and all of it’s instructions. My husband started out by watching some YouTube videos of the process and picked one he wanted to follow. He started the process of the emulsion application and drying and it was a failure. The emulsion wasn’t drying properly and it was frustrating to say the least.

I began researching other ways to use the Yudu and I remembered that a crafty friend had used hers successfully a lot of times. I found this excellent tutorial HERE (down at the bottom of this post) on her blog, With Glittering Eyes. We followed it almost exactly so I’m not going to rehash every step here but I will show you some pictures of along the way. Nadia is a genius!

I began by designing the t-shirt logo on my Gypsy. I used the mama bear with cubs from the Cricut Lite Cart Wildlife.  I made the design backwards so that it will stuck to the bottom side of the screen. I cut it using my Expression and the KISS cut which is 3-3-3. Because I was cutting from my Gypsy, I actually cut with a speed of 1 instead of 3 because you just never know with the Gypsy 🙂


The next step was to weed out all of my design. Be careful to not throw away the middles of the e’s and other vowels!


Then we applied to the vinyl to the underside of the screen and put painter’s tape all around it to seal it in. Anything that is not blocked with get ink on your t-shirt. The only part left open for ink to go through should be your actual design – in this case the bears and lettering.


This is what the screen looks like when it is on the Yudu (red shirt underneath).


I don’t have pictures of us doing the screening because for us it was a two person job. I’m not sure if it’s just our Yudu or all but the top didn’t stay all the way down so one person held the top down while the other pulled the ink through. We used official ProvoCraft Yudu black ink.

The first one took a lot of ink to get the design onto the shirt but we also think we were losing a lot of ink onto the sticky side of the painter’s tape. Everything after that first one went well. We printed eleven shirts and didn’t have any problem with the vinyl. The best part was clean up – just pull all of the vinyl and tape off and rinse the screen – done! No emulsion to worry about getting off.


After the t-shirts had air dried while we cleaned up, I heat set them with a hair dryer first. Because this was our first attempt and we were giving them to other people, we also then ironed them for 6 minutes each. My husband kept one and we have washed it multiple times and the ink has stayed put and has not faded at all.

Here are a majority of the shirts we made. We did all different colors. The two green shirts are little kid shirts!


(The top two were made with just cardstock actually but that’s another post for another day… Definitely not as awesome as the vinyl.)

The Yudu sure was scary with the emulsion but the vinyl was a cinch so I wanted to share that with all of you! Thanks for stopping by today!

2 thoughts on “T-Shirts using vinyl on the Yudu

  1. These turned out great!
    I don’t have a YUDU but use my vinyl with regular screens for screen printing. Soooo much nicer than having to deal with emulsion and filler, etc etc etc

  2. I love this Michelle. I knew I needed that yudu! My mind is on over load with ideas. I might have to do napkins for the bridal shower I’m hosting at the end of the month, lol

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