Please welcome Shawn Mosch as the newest CricutDIVA

Shawn is the mother of the family that created, a searchable database of images found on Cricut cartridges which in my opinion makes her one of the biggest celebrities in the Cricut community there is. If you don’t already use her families site you absolutely must go check it out and you will never again be searching through handbook after handbook manually again. Shawn also has her own personal crafting blog at CraftyChicsBlog that you should go over and leave her a little love.


Hi! My name is Shawn, and I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, sewing was my main craft. I have made everything from doll clothes to my own wedding dress. I love the feeling of accomplishment you get when you can turn a pile of supplies into a finished project. I did not do much paper crafting until I was in my mid-30′s, and my first project was a scrapbook for a trip our family took to Walt Disney World. After that I was hooked!  Now scrapbooking and card making are my two main crafts.

Would you like to be the next new CricutDIVA? We’d love to see you apply to join our design team.

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