Get well soon

A dear friend of mine had open heart surgery this week. Everything went well and I hope to be able to go see her this weekend.

She loves purple so I always make her purple cards. This one is no exception.

Picture 5

My plan was to fill the front of the card with hearts from the Don Juan cartridge so I had to come up with a way to place the papers on my mat so I could avoid having to run the mat through my Cricut many times to get all the cuts I wanted.

I decided to use a large square punch to get consistently sized shapes so I could place them in a way that would allow me to design my project in Cricut Craft Room so I get all of my pieces with one trip through the Cricut.

Picture 3

Here you can see how I placed the squares on my mat.

In the video below, I explain how I made the images match up in Cricut Craft Room.

Thank you very much for coming by today. Please be sure to follow our blog. We have lots of new designers who have many wonderful projects to share with you.


Cutting shapes from photos

I posted a follow-up video to show how you can use the Centerpoint function of your Cricut to cut circles or other shapes from photos.

The main thing to remember is that your shape will be cut based from the center of the photo. If you want a 3″ circle, your center should be half the distance of the size of the shape. In other words, from the center, the shape will be cut 1.5″ all around for a total diameter of 3″.

Three of the cartridges you can use to cut circles are George and Basic Shapes, Plantin Schoolbook and Don Juan.

Centerpoint Function on Cricut Expression

I posted a video on my YouTube channel to explain how you can use the Centerpoint Function on your Cricut Expression to cut starting from the center you specify.

The same can be done with an Expression 2 (E2), but I do not have this machine to show you.


Cricut E2

The Center Point button uses the center of the image to locate the shape in your project rather than the lower left corner of the image. For instance, if you were planning to cut a 8″ x 10″ photograph into an oval, using the Center Point function you could use the Start Position function to move the cutter to the center of the photograph and select an oval shape. You could then use the Center Point function to line the center of the oval up with the center of the photograph.

If there are multiple images on the mat, they will all be combined using each image’s center point, creating a single monolithic image to be cut. This option is not available for projects which contain more than a single page. To return the images to the regular location, press the Center Point button again.