Handbooks on your tablet

Do you wish you could bring all your handbooks with you on your tablet when you go to a crop, a friend’s house, or on a long trip? Do you wish you could scroll through those handbooks without all the pages at the beginning of the handbook that you have to go through to get to the images and overlays?


Screenshot from my iPad

Now you can!!

Just join the CricutBooks list at YahooGroups and you will receive links to the handbooks by e-mail as they are prepared. Many have already been prepared, but you won’t miss out on them. Just check the Messages section of the group site and search for the handbook you need. Just search for the cartridge name. If it isn’t found, it hasn’t been sent yet.

If there is a particular handbook you need for an upcoming project, write to me via the list and request it (just post a message from the site). I will work on requests in the order they are received.